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There are no birthdays today.
Anyone needing their ranks back just let me know :)
Lol haven't been on this server for years, I see my rank also has dissapeared. Thanks for the notification about the hacker anyway!
Honestly, how can someone have so much hate for one community to do these things. I just don't get it. Just because you can do something like stealing player info, doesn't mean you should.
Id Call The Cops On Him He Just Did Something VERY Illegal
Virtually? If I had the money Id fly there to pay him a visit.
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Whitey1205 AdminLeadDesigner posted Mon at 19:17  -  Hacking

After recent occurences we'd like to recommend to all our members that they should change their emails and passwords to keep their accounts protected.

As many of you probably witnessed our members were recently hacked and framed by another former player Yaxodeus, who has recently showed a LOT of hostility towards the staff of the server and it has now turned into this. He managed to hack his way into getting details on the staff and players on the server and posting them in our shoutbox for all to see.

I'd also like to personally thank the staff and players who reacted sensibly to the situation, and to those who helped keep the shoutbox clear while I was unable to delete messages posted in there.

I don't like doing this but for what it's worth I will post Yaxodeus IP address below so that other server owners and staff can keep an eye out for him so that it doesn't end up happening to them.


The link above will take you to a page that will show any name changes that he may do.

Any of you server owners who wish to protect yourselves against further attacks ban that IP.

Thank you.

Update to 1.10.2

nexlemav Owner
nexlemav @ Wildcraft Serenity
posted Jul 16, 16

Wildcraft is ready for 1.10

I would like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for Wildcraft to be updated to MC 1.10 over the passed several weeks.

It took a lot of waiting, sending msgs to developers, testing plugins on my test server, etc to make sure it'll be a smooth transition.

ETA of update will be by the end of the day or sooner

Name Changes and Ranker Stats

Whitey1205 AdminLeadDesigner posted Jun 20, 16


If you are a player that is in the earnable rank system and you decide to change your name please let us the staff know about name changes via the forum thread in any part of the forums under Global Announcements so that we can move over your ranker stats to your new playername so that you aren't de-ranked or have to play longer to earn your next rank up.


1.9 Update

Whitey1205 AdminLeadDesigner posted Jun 3, 16

As I'm sure that many of you are already familiar with, but we have updated to 1.9! So far we've had no issues with the update and plan on sticking on 1.9.2, so if you're on 1.8, or 1.9.4+ you will need to upgrade/downgrade your game to be able to join!

Behind the scenes our staff team has been working tirelessly to ensure that the update to 1.9 was a success, with many plugins needing replacing, or weren't being updated at all and needed testing, and for that we're all grateful!

As for the plugins, I'd like to let you know of major plugin changes that have occured;


Players will now earn money from killing certain mobs and animals.

Rocket Boots

Donors will now be charged money per second of continuous flight.


New boss style mobs will spawn in the overworld, kill them for cool loots.

As for plugins that have been removed due to not updating, or not yet updated;


Author is currently experience some major issues due to the difference in 1.9 mob mechanics.


Author seemed inactive so we sought after a replacement.

Regarding the new items that are now attainable in 1.9, we will be opening a seperate End Dimension to replace the Dragon Valley, the same rules will apply and will only be open for 24 hours once a week. As for the Elytra, a dungeon is being made so that every player has the chance to get these wonderful wings without having to travel thousands of blocks in the end just to find an already looted End City, but beware the dungeon will not be for the faint hearted.

With all these changes in plugins, and the fluctuating playerbase we have decided to add a few more minigames to the server, so now joining our already popular Sky Wars we have;

Mob Escape

Try and evade the Ender Dragon while trying to not get caught up in the obstacles that face you!

Death Run

With a similar mechanic to Spleef run around the arena trying to cut off your opponents causing them to fall, and become the last blockman standing!

One In The Chamber

Very much like the ever so popular gamemode from Call of Duty, you are given a bow, 1 arrow and a sword. Fight your way through your opponents to become the champion!

Thank you for sticking with us!


Dogburt_Jr Summoner With the new features of 1.9 and 1.10, are you going to make the updated map 1.10 for the features of it?

April Contest Winners!

Whitey1205 AdminLeadDesigner posted May 11, 16

The time has come to announce the winners of the Mob Arena building contest!

First Place


Second Place


Third Place



As of right now the prizes are still in the works (Sincere apologies, we've been busy working on 1.9). But all 5 contestants will game +2k Claim blocks, and the first place arena will be used in-game.

Keep an eye out for the next contest!


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