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How do you get there you ask? Pioneer has access to /warp portals
Full access has been given to all players for the SG and Mini games
server sounds like fun
The server is down, nex is bringing it up now
I can't connect to the server.. It says "pinging..." and when I try and connect it says "java.netconnec tionexception: Connection refused: no further information:
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Bi-Monthly Community Activities

Wildcraft would like to invite one & all to a bi-monthly community activities gathering which will consist of several activities for all to join. Starting in the nearest of near futures. These events will take place on every other weekend. We hope to see all of your bright virtual avatar faces there. 

Some Planned Activities:

Timed Fishing Competitions

Group Survival Challenges

Horse/Pig Jousting

Archery Range

Ice Bowling

Build Battles

Plus much more

Stay tuned to the forums & the WC Community Notice board at spawn for future announcements.

Wildcraft Survival Games!

Ninja1205 SuperMod posted Feb 15, 17  -  game modegamesminigamesneak peaksurvival

Hey folks!

Here on Wildcraft we wanted to spice things up a little; that's why we have decided to introduce Survival Games. For those who haven't heard of it; it's a PvP game mode in which players fight to the death, gathering items from hidden chests all over the map in which to defeat all other opponents - the last person standing is the winner.

EDIT: The arena is now OPEN, click a sign in the mini games area at /warp portals to join a match!

WildcraftMC Discord!

Whitey1205 Retired posted Nov 13, 16

WildcraftMC Discord!

After being told time and time again that Discord is infact the best tool for voice and text chat outside of the server, our beloved Moderator Ninja made the executive decision of making a Wildcraft Serenity Discord server to be used by everyone on the server.

If you wish to join the server please follow this link and register an account with Discord. Once joined a member of staff will supply you with the rank that you have on the server.

Available Channels:

Family Friendly Channel

All server rules apply in this channel, if found breaking these rules you will be banned from using this channel and temporarily muted in every channel.

Adult Content Channel

No this doesn't mean it's okay to send X-Rated links, and other rude things in this channel. It means that there are no rules on swears or talking about other subject that aren't family friendly, we still do not condone abusing other players through this channel as we are a friendly community overall.

Ninja1205 SuperMod Wow that Ninja seems like a top lad!

Update to 1.10.2

nexlemav Admin posted Jul 16, 16

Wildcraft is ready for 1.10

I would like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for Wildcraft to be updated to MC 1.10 over the passed several weeks.

It took a lot of waiting, sending msgs to developers, testing plugins on my test server, etc to make sure it'll be a smooth transition.

ETA of update will be by the end of the day or sooner

Name Changes and Ranker Stats

Whitey1205 Retired posted Jun 20, 16


If you are a player that is in the earnable rank system and you decide to change your name please let us the staff know about name changes via the forum thread in any part of the forums under Global Announcements so that we can move over your ranker stats to your new playername so that you aren't de-ranked or have to play longer to earn your next rank up.


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